A new start.

Friends Only

I've been on Livejournal since I was a teenager. But, I'm always changing it whenever I start a "new chapter" of my life.

I go by Della & Holly. 20 years old. Florida.

What do I indulge in?
Wandering around with headphones in my ears (music♥), reading, writing, swimming, going to the beach, parties, rock & roll, horror, random moments, funny hats, pictures, caffeinated beverages, & plenty of junk.

I want to write about my life, feelings, anything as much as I can. I want it to always be remembered by if not me, then someone else. This chance is about making something of myself.

I'am nothing like anyone you know. This winding road will shock you, & we're all mad here.

Selectively adding. I won't add you if I know you IRL, & I probably wont add you if you have nothing to offer me.

Please comment this entry with any spam/quote/video/lyrics/etc.♥
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